Translation Services for the Hotel Industry

Dec 19, 2023 | Marketing, Tourism, Translation

Translation Services for the Hotel Industry

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Spain invests a significant amount in the tourism industry for the development of the country’s economy. The country receives millions of tourists every year that come from all over the world, and in 2022, Spain recorded over 100 million tourists. This influx of visitors emphasises the need for translation in the hotel industry.

The tourist clientele in Spain has always shown a clear preference for staying in hotels compared to any other type of accommodation. Despite the ever-growing wide range of options out there, the hotel industry remains the pillar of the tourism industry worldwide.

Translating marketing content and websites for hotels

International tourism is prevalent in Spain, and when it comes down to deciding where to stay, the client tends to go for the place which offers clear and precise information. But what kind of information are we referring to?

If you are a general manager who took part in starting up the hotel, you will know that it is vital to describe the hotel and its facilities to the very last detail. This is the only way that can you stay ahead of the competition and attract tourists.

Advice for translating within the hotel industry

When you are trying to promote a hotel, it is of the utmost importance that you create catalogues and leaflets that include information about the services, products, and facilities that are on offer to the guests. These can include trips, activities, games, shows, a swimming pool, a sauna, a menu from one of your restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, in today’s digital world, you cannot forget to create a website and marketing content that is available online. Following on from this, we are going to give you some words of advice that you should take into account when making your website:

  • The content must be written in great detail, but also concisely, that’s to say you clearly explain what you have to offer, without waffling on too much.
  • You should provide information through various means, for example, via audio content, videos, or any other form of multimedia. These will help you win over the client, allowing them to navigate the page and get a real feel for what you have to offer.
  • Take into account the customer’s needs, which are always more demanding when it comes to the content. You can offer a comments section, a review section, and a contact for general inquiries, so that you can gather direct feedback from the guests’ point of view. Thanks to this, the customer will see that you are a professional business that engages with its clients.

Tourism translations of a high quality

If you want your hotel to be full of guests, it is essential to translate your marketing content and your website, as there are more foreign guests than there are Spanish staff in the hotel industry. These guests will undoubtedly like to receive information in their own language.

What’s more, the translations carried out should be as professional as possible. If you leave your bilingual friends, or an amateur translator to carry out this process, they are ultimately going to make many mistakes, some of them being major errors, which will harm your business’s reputation.

We have all seen examples of poor translations that appear on bilingual menus. They are unquestionably very entertaining and amusing to read, but when it comes down to choosing which restaurant or hotel you would like to go to, those that demonstrate critical errors do not instil their clients with a lot of trust.

A poor translation can undo all your hard work that you have put in to build up your hotel business. For this very reason, investing in an accurate translation is extremely important, as it is the first impression that your guests have of you.

On the other hand, localising your content is essential when it comes to globalising your business. Translating your content without taking into consideration your target audience’s culture can result in misunderstandings, and unfortunately can put guests off staying at your establishment altogether.

The aim is to offer information to your client in their native language, so that they feel welcome and at ease, and as a result, have faith in you. To achieve this, you must check the accuracy of your grammar, ensure that the design and writing style is culturally appropriate, and above all, sounds human!


If your plan is to accommodate a high number of foreign tourists, you should provide accurate multilingual information. With that being said, your website is the most important thing, as this is the first point of contact that your guests will have with your business.

At BeTranslated, we rely on a team of native speaking translators, who are specialised in the hotel and tourism industries, as well as SEO translation, allowing you to appear in the first few results on service engines.

We are experts in hotel industry translation, and our team of expert translators work with various language combinations, which will ensure that your business is held in a high regard by a multilingual audience. If you want to find out more about our services, get a free, no-obligation quote today. Let the magic begin!

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