French – Spanish Translation Services

Professional French to Spanish Translation Services

Are you hoping to expand towards Spanish-speaking countries? Or are you simply trying to connect with possible business partners abroad? There’s no need to hesitate, it’s an excellent idea! You may already know that Spanish is currently one of the most widely spoken languages (the 4th most spoken language worldwide).

At BeTranslated, we have years of experience working in the Hispanic market, in Spanish, as well as Latin American, which guarantees a professional translation of your texts and PDF documents, financial documents, catalogues and leaflets, subtitled promotional videos, websites, social media adverts, marketing translation, or any other type of content you need to translate Spanish to French, whatever the variation. Did you know that Spanish is the 3rd most used language on the internet, and the 2nd on platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

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French – Spanish translation services

A Team of Professional Translators French to Spanish

Spanish has a large international presence, which accumulates to almost 493 million native speakers, and 595 million total speakers. Therefore, it’s clear that translating content into Spanish, is an essential step in the process of entering new international markets.

BeTranslated guarantees the best possible translation of your documents, thanks to its reputable team of native translators. As professionals in the industry, we realize the importance of having your translation managed by a true translation specialist. For this reason, we select the translator that is best suited to the needs of your company.

BeTranslated Handles Everything

The advantage of working with a professional translation agency, is that you never have to worry about anything. The project management team will handle everything, from the moment they receive your documents, to the minute they deliver your final translation.

Once you have received your quote confirmation, we can begin to assign your text to a suitable specialist. When the translation is ready, another expert will review it, and then we will deliver the final proofread translation. Where possible, we will deliver the document in its original format. We manage all of this, whilst always adhering to the established delivery deadlines.

High Quality Results

Since our priority is customer satisfaction, we do everything in our power to ensure a professional translation that adds value to your products and/or services. We select the most suitable native translator for your project, who will use your requests and instructions as guide, for the perfect localization (adaptation to culture) and transcreation (providing attractiveness) of your translation.

In addition to translations from French to Spanish in the different variations of the two languages, our multilingual translation agency also offers translation services to Spanish from the main languages of the world: German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Polish, and Japanese, among others.

Trust Us to Manage Translations: Translate Spanish to French

Between France and Spain, there is a bilateral trade relationship, and the professional translation of your documents plays an important role in these exchanges. At BeTranslated we have native French and Spanish translators and project managers.

We are specialists in various market industries. As a translation agency, we are used to delivering large-scale projects, from marketing translations or websites (where we excel in SEO), to technical, audiovisual, or logistics translations, and even legal and scientific translations, among many others.


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