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The manufacturing industry continues to be the driving force of many economies all over the world, supplying us with almost every product around us, from heavy machinery, high technology equipment, aircraft, construction materials and tools, to products related to IT or vehicle production. All of this makes it necessary to translate technical manuals or instructions, and direct the language to the target market. BeTranslated relies on specialised technical translators who can help you translate these documents into your target language.

Technical translation services

The Advantages of Professional Translation for Manufacturing

Throughout the production process, the conversion of raw materials, and the creation and completion of products, precision and clarity is essential when managing projects, as well as resolving technical problems, planning strategies, logistics, and coordinating activities with clients.

This means that the most demanding areas of translation today include: operational processes, technical manuals, environmental and health information, regular meeting minutes, conferences, or trade show presentations.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), meeting minutes, technical manuals, production processes, and trade communications, should all be translated into languages which will be used later on.

Technical Translation Serving the Industry

Along with all the benefits that translation offers the manufacturing industry, the work of BeTranslated with factories and their offices all over the world, has proved to be the key to its international success.

We are proud to offer the highest quality technical translations, alongside the most competitive rates on the market.

We are a translation agency in Spain, working to and from Spanish, Catalan, and other co-official languages. Take a look at our site to see the other areas of expertise that we can help you excel in, and request a free, detailed quote.

Contact BeTranslated, and find out why we are more than capable of covering all the requirements of your company’s translation projects.

Manufacturers that use our work will be able to see a clear improvement in the efficiency of their communications, as well as their technical understanding of problems and solutions. It will be equally clear to see an improvement in work flow and teamwork, especially among the organisation’s team members. Manufacturers who are currently in the process of international expansion will be able to explain that it is no longer just a matter of translating your website.

Our Specialist Technical Translation Areas:

Machine Operating Instructions
Descriptions and Data Sheets
Environmental Studies

Our Featured Technical Translators

French to English translator
Professional Spanish-English translator

Tony works as a full-time Spanish-English translator. He began his career in translating a long time ago after moving to the Basque Country. He is specialized in a range of fields, covering that of technical translation, to translation in the trade sector, but the majority of his expertise is focused on real estate and tourism.

french english professiona translator
Specialized Spanish-English aeronautical translator

Maria Inés, an expert translator from the Dominican Republic, brings her experience in the aeronautical sector. Her attention to detail is appreciated by our clients at BeTranslated, with her high-quality Spanish to English translations. In addition, she also offers correction, editing, and writing services. She is the representative for BeTranslated in all of Latin America.

French to English translator
Translator of new technologies from Spanish to French

Originally from the South of France, Frédéric has dual French and Argentine citizenship. After completing his studies in industrial engineering, he spent over 10 years working as a systems engineer, combining his passion for travel with his work. Frédéric translates from French to Spanish, and is specialized in the fields of technology, computers, and systems.

paul traducteur technique
English-Spanish translator in science and technology

Paul is specialized in technical and scientific translation after achieving a master’s in scientific communication. He is perfectly bilingual in English and Spanish, as well as speaking French and Italian. Thorough and organized, Pablo has good general knowledge, and is specialized in several fields, notably science and technology.


Main Areas of Specialization

Financial Translation
Financial Translation
Financial Translation

Precise financial translations for seamless global financial operations—confidential and accurate.

Technical Translation
Technical Translation
Technical Translation
Ensure precise technical communication with specialized translations of documents, manuals, and specifications.
Tourism Translation
Tourism Translation
Tourism Translation

Enhance global tourism offerings with culturally-appropriate and accurate translations for travel materials.

IT Translation
IT & Telecom
IT Translation
IT Translation
Accurate IT translations for the tech industry—specialized, precise, and effective communication.
Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation
Maximize global brand impact with persuasive marketing translations that resonate and expand reach.

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