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Our translation agency has a global network of professional, native translators available, who live in the country of the target language into which you wish to translate your documents. Our specialised translators are at your service, passionate about languages and knowledgeable about their country’s culture, with extensive experience in document and webpage translation.
About us

BeTranslated is a Boutique Translation Agency Run by Experienced Translators

No matter your requirements, rest assured that our expansive global network of professional translators is at your service. With meticulous project management, we guarantee the delivery of exceptional translation services.

BeTranslated specializes in facilitating seamless translations between English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, and various Asian languages. Furthermore, our network of skilled translators extends to encompass all Central and Eastern European languages.

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As a fully distributed translation agency, we maximize cost-efficiency without compromising on quality, enabling us to offer premium language services at competitive rates.
Translation agency

Professional Translation Services

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Document translation services

Translation of Documents for the Business Sector

If you are looking to translate your business documents, BeTranslated brings you a fast, efficient, top-quality service, all whilst offering the most competitive prices on the market. Translation quote requests are responded to within 24 working hours.

Our pledge: to provide you with high quality translations promptly, and at a cost that accommodates your budget. We react swiftly to your enquiries, respect your deadlines, and provide expert professional language services at competitive prices.

Website translation services

Translation of Blogs and Websites on WordPress with WPML

In today’s day and age, website translation is the best way to gain more clients at an international level, and allows you to take on new challenges.

Turn your site into a multilingual version by using the WordPress WPML plugin. In addition, position your business site in Google, maximizing its visibility, and attracting new clients.

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn translation services ensure accurate and official translations of legal and administrative documents. Sworn translators are authorised by relevant governmental bodies, and possess the necessary expertise to translate documents such as court records, notarised statements, and official certificates.

With a commitment to confidentiality and professionalism, we provide reliable and efficient sworn human translation services to meet the needs of clients in legal matters.

Audiovisual Translation Services

Audiovisual Translation Services

Looking to reach a global audience with your audiovisual content? Our specialized audiovisual translation service is the answer. From subtitling to dubbing, we provide accurate translations that preserve the original meaning and cultural nuances.

Our team of experienced translators and voice artists ensures that your message is effectively communicated in different languages, enhancing the impact and accessibility of your audiovisual projects in any field and any market.

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

A transcription service is a professional service that converts spoken language or audio recordings into written text.

Save time and effort with our transcription services. Our team of experienced transcribers meticulously convert your audio and video recordings into written text, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.

With quick turnaround times and a commitment to confidentiality, we deliver reliable transcriptions that meet your deadlines, and surpass your expectations.

What Our Clients Say about Us?

Elliot BetancourtElliot Betancourt
13:38 19 Jun 24
An excellent translation agency. Delivered translation perfectly, before it was promised and at a reasonable price. I plan to use them for all of my official translation needs from now on!An excellent translation agency. The translation was delivered perfectly, sooner than promised and at a reasonable price. I will use them for all my sworn translations!
Viktoria SViktoria S
09:41 09 May 24
A medical document was translated from Ukrainian to English (vaccination). Everything is fast and professional, thank you! 🙂
Claire C. (Claire C)Claire C. (Claire C)
14:50 29 Apr 24
Excellent service and good value translation company! Efficient, accurate, and fast turnaround at competitive rates. Highly recommended for their outstanding communication and prompt responses on the chat.
Adelheid JaegerAdelheid Jaeger
20:55 02 Apr 24
My experience with BeTranslated has been great; They respond quickly and I recommend the agency 100%.
13:48 17 Jan 24
I contacted BeTranslated to translate an academic text and the process has been great, from the beginning of the conversations with Alicia (thank you very much for all the efforts!), to Annalisa (who had to go to the office to process the invoice in the middle of Christmas) until reaching Maral (who was in charge of the review and final delivery). Likewise, I must highlight the speed with which they began the translation process given that it was an urgent request and their knowledge when it came to working with scientific documents and payment processes associated with public universities, as was our case. Without a doubt, both professionally and personally, if I need a translation again, I will contact them again. Thank you very much once again!
Ausias PomesAusias Pomes
11:18 25 Oct 23
Quick and quality service. Highly recommended service!
18:53 21 Sep 23
Great, top service, top communication, top speed!
Peter HamiltonPeter Hamilton
20:34 27 May 23
BeTranslated offers the highest quality service and is a very reliable translation company. I had the pleasure of doing an internship with the company, gaining many useful translation skills. Highly recommend for all translation projects!
Armytek ManagerArmytek Manager
05:59 28 Jun 21
We would like to thank BeTranslated for their professional approach to work. One of Armytek’s major priorities as an international company is to supply our clients with all the necessary marketing materials written in their native languages. The specialists at BeTranslated help us with that. They are very attentive and responsive: the translations are provided in the shortest time possible without compromising the quality. Great agency to work with.
Tara GrowcentiaTara Growcentia
15:17 07 May 21
BeTranslated was fantastic to work with - we needed a variety of materials translated, all in different file formats. Joe was patient, kind, and made the projects happen in a very timely manner. We've since had a couple of the materials proofed and have received great compliments on the quality of the translation. The documents we needed translated were technical and we are very pleased with the quality. We look forward to working with Joe and the BeTranslated team for future projects!
Tommy HobinTommy Hobin
14:54 26 Jun 19
We vetted out several different agencies to translate a full series of our deep tech articles from German to English. As we progressed with BeTranslated our teams internally found that the small amount of iterations became less and less. Which is all you can really ask for from a translator of these difficult articles.Very satisfied with the process and flexibility of the BeTranslated team while working with us closely. I absolutely recommend them.

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We match your project to the translator who best meets your needs according to the details of your request.
You will receive the translated files within the agreed-upon deadline.
Follow-up & Invoicing
Once you are satisfied with your translation, we will send you your invoice.


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