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In order to ensure that the translation of your legal documents are valid in Spain, it is essential that the services of a duly accredited sworn translator is solicited, a specialized translator who can officially legalize your documents before authorities.

BeTranslated guarantees you an official sworn translation with a consistent and uniform style.

With our affordable translation rates and professional project managers, we guarantee you an efficient job that meets all your needs.

A team of dedicated, expert, legal translators

BeTranslated, an expert translation agency for sworn translations

There can be many challenges involved in the sworn translation of legal, economic, medical,  and other documents that are significant and require a certain level of knowledge of official international institutions. But there is nothing to worry about with BeTranslated! One of the benefits of having a sworn translation agency help you is that we take care of everything.

All you have to do is send us your documents and indicate the language into which you want them translated and the country where you will submit them. Sworn translations in Spain are mainly required from English into Spanish. However, we can translate from Spanish to English and many other languages such as French or German.

As a professional translation company, we collaborate with sworn translators who are experts in providing sworn translation services. Our translators have years of experience and advanced knowledge acquired in the industry, along with accreditations. This, together with their excellent skills as native linguists, is what will be reflected in your sworn translation.

We meet the requirements of all your official documents

According to Spanish legislation, all documents that aren’t written in Spanish, but need to be legally valid in Spain, should be accompanied by their corresponding legal translation. Translating official documents from one language to another requires responsibility, specific knowledge, professionalism, and certifications.

There is a wide range of documents that may require an official translation. Among our services, we offer the sworn translation of university diplomas, academic transcripts, birth certificates, patents, school certificates, and even financial documents. Among the most common documents, are the sworn translation of notarial deeds.

Two concepts that are frequently correlated are “sworn translation” and “Hague apostille”. As the latter is a method of legalisation of legal documents between States, it is of the utmost importance that any translation agency is an expert at doing so. BeTranslated has years of experience in these documents and we are capable of providing meticulous translations for all of your legal documents. 

Professional sworn translation services

The purpose of sworn translations is to give official status to a text. Therefore, they are not limited to the legal sector, but cover all existing fields of expertise. At BeTranslated, we have been translating all types of texts for more than 20 years, therefore our services cover many specialties.

With our international pool of professional and specialised translators, we can offer sworn and standard translations in a wide range of language combinations: from English to Spanish and vice versa, from Spanish to French, Dutch, or German, as well as many other languages such as Asian, Eastern European or Nordic languages.

Additionally, there are different concepts of “sworn and official translations”, which we are adequated at providing.

Translation for law firms, SMEs, notary offices...

If you work in a notary’s office, have a law firm, are a CEO, or work in any company that needs a sworn translation, we want you to be able to see first-hand the skills of our expert linguists.

Nuestros servicios profesionales de traducción jurada en Valencia, España, así como en el resto de la geografía española, garantizan a nuestros clientes una perfecta traducción de aquellos documentos de tu empresa que necesiten una traducción y verificación oficial.

Contact our team of project managers who will accompany you throughout the process. You can send us all types of document formats, including PDFs, and we guarantee that your documents will be translated with due diligence. Request a quote!


If your documents contain sensitive information, we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement. Many companies have relied on and continue to rely on us when working with confidential business information and legal documents. We take care of the projects following the highest parameters of discretion, security and privacy.

Legal translation or sworn translation?
The boundaries separating these two types of documents are often confused, more because of the similarity of their names than because of their content. Legal translation refers to legal texts, i.e. civil law documents (divorce decrees, prenuptial agreements, wills, trusts), commercial law documents (company merger contracts, terms and conditions of sale) or criminal law documents (judgments, appeals). Sworn translation, on the other hand, is not limited to the legal sector, but covers all existing fields of expertise.

The purpose of a sworn translation is to give official status to a text, as stated in Royal Decree 2555/1977 of August 27, 1977. Consequently, documents as diverse as a psychological evaluation, a birth certificate, a patent, a notarial deed, a criminal record certificate or a family book can be found under the protection of a sworn translation. Financial translation is also a very common specialist field, which can fit into legal translation.

How much does a sworn translation cost?
The cost of a sworn translation depends on several factors: the language combination, the number of words or pages in the document, the complexity of the document and whether urgent delivery is required.

In general, the price of a sworn translation is usually higher than that of a normal translation due to the certification and legal liability involved.

Who can provide sworn translations in Spain?

The best translator, as always, will be the one who masters the field of expertise to which the text in question belongs. However, for a translation to have official value and become a sworn translation, the translator must also be recognized by an official authority. Therefore a translator becomes a sworn, official or expert translator, among other names.

Hence, sworn translators are those who are duly accredited as such to undertake the translation of texts of any branch and to confer legal value to them before the authorities of our country. This accreditation is obtained by passing an examination organised by the Office of Interpretation of Languages, which depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and which meets these requirements:

  • Be of legal age in Spain.
  • Be a Spanish national or a national of an EU member state.
  • Hold a university degree (diploma or bachelor’s degree). If the translator already holds a foreign degree in another EU country, he/she can apply for such validation in order to become a sworn translator in Spain.

At BeTranslated, a translation agency in Valencia, we offer these services of sworn translators who can officiate your legal documents. 

What characterises sworn translations?

A sworn translation needs to be done by an accredited translator, which in turn confers official validity to the document. To do so, the sworn translator stamps their seal and signature on it. Thus, documents translated by a sworn translator acquire legal value in the legal system and can be used as valid documentary evidence before any official body in administrative and judicial proceedings.

When is a sworn translation required?

The Civil Procedure Law 1/2000 establishes the need to accompany documents drafted in a foreign language with a Spanish translation. The law does not establish the mandatory condition that they be translated by a sworn translator but allows them to be translated by a private agency. However, in a hypothetical legal proceeding, the veracity of this translation could easily be called into question by one of the intervening parties, with its consequent rejection and prejudice to the party providing it.

In light of this reality, giving official value to a translated document is more a matter of convenience than of binding or obligatory nature, since a sworn translation will have a certification that is difficult to refute before a magistrate, a prosecutor or an opposing lawyer.

At BeTranslated we know the importance of providing an impeccable sworn translation service both in Valencia and in the rest of Spain. For this reason, we have a team of specialised translators so that our clients can trust BeTranslated with those documents that need an official translation and verification.

What documents can you translate?

If the organisation or institution where you need to carry out administrative procedures has already confirmed that you need a sworn translation, you should know that BeTranslated will translate any document. By way of example, these are some of the types of documents that are frequently translated at the sworn translation agency in Valencia:

  • Sworn translation of university diplomas/degrees
  • Sworn translation of school certificates
  • Sworn translation of course attendance certificates
  • Sworn translation of academic transcripts
  • Sworn translation of Hague apostilles
  • Sworn translation of death certificates
  • Sworn translation of notarial and judicial documents
  • Certified translation of divorce certificates
  • Sworn translation of letters of recommendation
  • Certified translation of birth certificates
  • Sworn translation of criminal record certificates
  • Sworn translation of driver’s licenses
  • Sworn translation of marriage certificates


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